Tips for Teaching English in China

If you are wondering whether teaching English in China is for you, the most important question you must ask yourself is whether you are ready to embrace the people, the culture and the language with enthusiasm. If you answered yes to this then teaching English in China can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Thousands of people each year commit to teaching English as a second language in China, but for someone who has never done this before it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are a few tips on how to get you started on what is sure to be a life changing experience in this wonderful and culturally diverse country:

Choosing your destination…

Teaching English in China

Teaching English in China (Flickr via Creative Commons)

China is a vast country, spanning a massive 3.7 million square miles and being home to over 1.339 billion citizens, so you will not be short on areas that are in need of people to teach English.

Where you teach is entirely down to personal preference, many enjoy the hustle and bustle of the large crowded cities of Shanghai or Beijing whereas others prefer to venture into the more rural areas to experience a more authentic China. Do your research before you begin applying for jobs and decide what area is preferable for you, this can make the process a lot quicker and you will be happier when you arrive safe in the knowledge you will know what to expect.

Learning the language…

Whilst you will not need to be fluent in Chinese to be able to teach Chinese people English as a foreign language, it would certainly be beneficially to learn several key phrases in Mandarin before you arrive.

Teaching English in China

Teaching English in China (Creative Commons)

A good tip is to use basic Pinyin to help, Pinyin uses the English alphabet to express the pronunciation of Mandarin and allow English people to learn the language more easily. On meeting your students for the first time, offering them a few simple greetings in Mandarin can really help to break the ice.


Before you sign a contract with a school, it is important to ensure you have secured adequate accommodation in the area. Failing to do so could result in you living in rundown accommodation which may negatively impact on your overall experience of teaching overseas. Use the internet and forums where individuals who have themselves taught and lived in the area will be able to help you make the right decision. Some employers will include the cost of accommodation within your contract; this does not apply to all of course.

Money and Insurance…

The average foreign teacher will not be paid particularly highly, however, the cost of living in China is significantly lower than Western countries so you will find that accommodation and food in particular is exceptionally cheap. If you have saved money for the trip this can help you get on your feet before your first pay check comes in. It will also give you greater flexibility in where you stay and eat before you discover where the bargains are to be had!

While you may not be thinking of it as a holiday, it is particularly important that you take out an adequate travel insurance policy to cover you whilst you are away. A specific backpacker travel insurance policy may be the most suitable as this will cover you for any amount of time away from one month to one year. Do your research and make sure your policy will cover you for the entirety of your trip.

Above all of course enjoy yourself! China is one of the most cultural diverse countries in the world and to be able to experience all it has to offer as the locals do rather than the average tourist is an experience that will provide you with memories that are sure to stay with you long after you’ve left.

For more information about teaching English in China and other places throughout the world, check out this resource How To Teach English Overseas.

Teaching English Second Language

Teaching English Second Language

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Teaching English in Turkey

The Mediterranean nation of Turkey has become a popular backpacking destination in recent decades and is the bridge between Asia and Europe.  A truly fascinating country, Turkey offers a number of attractions aimed at backpackers and budget travelers and is an ideal destination for anyone wanting to Teach English as a Second Language.

The country is quite accessible as many airports offer flights to Turkey.

Teaching English Second Language - Turkey

Teaching English Second Language - Turkey

One of the primary benefits to Teaching English in Turkey is the ability to bond quickly with the students in your class and enable them to become a cohesive unit.  The average Turkish student has a lot of respect for their teachers, especially those that are there to teach them the English language. Turkish students are very willing to learn and learning the English language is no exception.  Teachers in Turkey are typically viewed as being serious and stern but this has the advantage of gaining the student’s respect.

Trust among Turkish students can be easily gained with TEFL.  This fosters the building of relationships and trust as well as cooperation in the classroom.

The single most important benefit of TEFL in Turkey or other countries overseas is the experience you will gain during the period of time that you are engaged in teaching the language.  This experience can prove to be invaluable in the long run for furthering your career as a teacher in addition to the rewards mentioned in the prior section.  Teaching in a country that has a lower cost of living enables you to earn significant money which can also be of great benefit.

Having the TEFL experience listed on your CV or resume can be beneficial as well, especially when you are done teaching in Turkey and are having difficulties finding another teaching position back in your home country or furthering your TEFL career overseas.

For more information about TEFL in Turkey and other places throughout the world, check out this resource How To Teach English Overseas.

Teaching English Second Language

Teaching English Second Language

Teaching English as a Second Language is a beneficial and rewarding experience.  Aside from travelling to a different country and seeing a different culture, it is an opportunity to earn excellent wages and fund further world travelling.

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Teaching English in Thailand

Teaching English as a foreign language, or TEFL as it is more commonly referred to, involves teaching English as a second language to those students that do not speak it as their primary language.

The practice occurs in the student’s native country on either a private level or within the school system.  It can also be taught as an after-hours format or by a tutor.  There are a number of opportunities for teaching english as a second language in Thailand.  Thailand has been a popular tourist destination and is very accessible as there are numerous flights to Bangkok from all the major international airports.

Teaching English Second Language - Thailand

Teaching English Second Language - Thailand

A career in TEFL in Thailand or other countries has experienced growing popularity in recent years for a number of reasons.

  • First and foremost, it is a great way to experience life in other countries and travel around the world.
  • The experience is not only beneficial and rewarding, it provides you with the opportunity to earn an excellent income in the process.  Taking the current economic situation as well as the international job climate, teaching English as a second language is a great opportunity for the recent college graduate that is having difficulty getting their careers started and finding employment.
  • Another one of the benefits to TEFL in Thailand or other countries is that it is a great way to gain teaching experience and possibly further your career in the education industry.

Earning a certificate for TEFL is not that difficult and usually involves a 4-week intensive program or a part-time one that is longer in duration.  Whether it is full-time or part-time, the program provides you with qualifications that are internationally recognized.

If you are considering TEFL in Thailand, you want to look for a certification program that meets the following criteria:

  • a minimum of 100 hours of training
  • a minimum of 6 hours of teaching real students while being observed and critiqued by a licensed teacher (a.k.a. Observed Teaching Practice)
  • get validated by a recognized examination board, university, or reputable examination body

This eBook How To Teach English Overseas offers up excellent advice on Teaching English as a Second Language in Thailand and in many other places throughout the world.

Teaching English Second Language

Teaching English Second Language

The bottom line is that if you are looking to pursue a career in the field of education, TEFL in Thailand is an excellent way to get experience in teaching.

Another benefit is that you can use the money you earn in a TEFL in Thailand position to fund your travels to other countries once the job expires.  Depending on the country you are teaching in, working for a year will enable you to save the funds necessary to continue traveling to other countries.

Teaching English as a Second Language is an excellent option for anyone who wants experience traveling the world, enjoys teaching, and wants valuable job experience.

Teaching English Second Language

Teaching English as a Second Language is an excellent way for you to travel around the world, experience life in countries different than your home, make good money, and gain a rewarding and beneficial experience. Especially given the current job climate, teaching English overseas is an increasingly good option for recent graduates who might be having difficulty finding work.

There are hundreds – or even thousands – of websites out there which try to make sense of Teaching English as a Second Language. Unfortunately, many of these sites are filed with spam that only confuse the situation.

Teaching English Second Language

Teaching English Second Language

We’ve created to help you make sense of teaching English overseas. Another good resource is this eBook How to Teach English Overseas which goes into detail about everything you’d need to know if you are considering teaching English as a second language.

Teaching English Second Language – TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

TEFL is a certification program which teaches you how to teach English as a foreign language. One thing many people don’t know is this course isn’t always required for teaching English overseas. For example, while you will make more if you have a TEFL certificate, you don’t need one to teach English in Korea or to teach English in Taiwan.

A TEFL course will last anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months and will cost anywhere from $1000 – $2000 USD if you take it in a developed country. You’ll learn general English teaching skills and other teaching requirements such as classroom management.

Teaching English Second Language – Countries

Many people think that you can only get English teacher jobs in areas like SE Asia. In fact, you can teach English overseas anywhere! You can teach in Europe, in South America, or in Africa – essentially, you can teach English anywhere it is not the first language.

You do stand to make much better money teaching English as a second language in areas like Korea or Thailand as the cost of living is so much cheaper.

Also, there are other benefits to teaching English overseas in South Korea. There is such a need for English teachers in Korea that many companies will provide you rent-free accommodation and return airfare if you agree to a one-year contract teaching English.

Teaching English Second Language – Other Benefits

Even if you never imagined you’d consider teaching English as a second language as a profession, there are many benefits to doing it for a year. If you live someplace like Korea where the cost of living is very low, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money.

Especially if your accommodation is being provided!

Also, you’ll be set up to explore an area of the world you may not have ever considered traveling to. We know many teachers in South Korea that have been lucky enough to take a guided day trip to North Korea.

Teaching English as a Second Language also provides you with great experience for your resume or CV. If you’re having difficulty finding a job after graduation, this is an option for you to get some unique experience for a year to set yourself apart from other recent graduates.

Teaching English Second Language

Teaching English Second Language

If Teaching English as a Second Language is something you’ve considered, then we highly recommend you check out the eBook How to Teach English Overseas.

This resource is filled with valuable information to help you find out where you should look for jobs, tells you how much you can expect to make in each country, the requirements of getting the English teacher jobs, and the author guarantees updates for life.

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Photo Credit: Creative Commons, Rex Pe

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